Today at our market store on Shea . . .

. . . we sold much of what we'd picked and snipped and pulled from our farm. The cool thing is . . . is that our produce, herbs, flowers and micro greens only had to travel 1.5 miles to get to our market store.

It's fun to see peoples faces when we say that WE are the hands and face of what we grow. . .not a produce broker .

. . . and we like it that way.

Years ago, I'd sprouted grains and knowing how invaluable they are as part of a raw food diet, we decided that we wanted to provide them each week for our market store customers. Most weeks all our French Garden Micro greens are gone within the first few hours.  Our favorite way to eat them is to slather Michael's chevre (he's our family cheese maker) on a cracker and then top it with these greens and then add a tinch of Stephanie Sherman's (2 Daughters and 1 Dad) horseradish on top of that. When our heirloom tomatoes come back around in the next few weeks, we'll add the tomato.

Michael and I watch in utter amazing as each week all three of our very large eggplant bushes provide us with so many beautiful American Beauty eggplants.  This week, I found myself to be a bit creative with the eggplant and made eggplant soup which we thoroughly enjoyed.

You can't go wrong with using thyme to dress up just about any dish.  My personal potager is where I grow our herbs - it's the area closest to our home here at the farm and you'd find several different kinds of thyme growing around.  This particular one is called "mother of thyme."

More herbs from my potager - lemon verbena - makes a great tea and French tarragon.  I don't know why but I love that herb - it's so delicate.

Lemon verbena is used here in this recipe Pots de creme au citron et a la Verveine.

I'm displaying our spicy arugula in this vintage wire garden basket.