More Than Lovely Heirloom Tomatoes

Right now my Tomato Sanctuary is a bit prolific and I hope and pray that it stays that way as our desert temps rise above the 100 degrees (which doesn't make tomatoes too happy).

Higher temps tend to cause those sweet little blossoms to fall off.   I am hoping the fact we smartly planted the majority of our heirlooms along the west side wall that runs north and south AND the fact that we put up our shade cloth about two weeks ago AND the fact that I've got a good amount of mulch down (will add more this week) could be a plus in sustaining those blossoms through some searing temps.  How effective this will be is the determining factor of my ability to commit to consistency (which is what I want to do).

Either way, all my heirlooms are indeterminants plants - meaning that what would kill them (if not protected) would be a frost. That being said, I'm trusting that (with the exception of those hot days) I should be able to provide these beauties to one degree or another until November and beyond with some lean times in between.

Variety of Tomatoes Available

Yellow Pear - great for salads! Pretty too.

Zebra Greens - Scrumptious sliced.  Low in acid.

Valencia - Orangish in color and rich in tomato flavor.

Great White - a large beefsteak that's on the sweet side. These are almost my favorite.

When in season, our tomatoes are available at the local Farmers' Markets for $4.95 a pound.

By the way ~ Chef Becky from The Herb Box LOVES our tomatoes! See this pic!