Crow's Dairy Goat Cheese at our FarmShop on Thursday and . . .

You've been asking about the goat cheese and how it's been absent in the FarmShop refrigerator - well - guess what? It's BACK! I am so thankful that Wendell Crow sent Debbie, their delivery woman, over with their delicious cheese for this weeks market.

So, what else will be at this weeks market? EGGS! Farm fresh eggs. And might I suggest you plan on making a few wonderful summer time quiche with Crow's Dairy goat cheese, our fresh eggs and some of our herbs or summer squash? Side note: We will be open on Thursdays for about another 4-5 weeks and then do random POP UP markets with all the squash, melons

We just started harvesting melons this past week and these are AMAZING!!


New Farm Help - with our goats and the with all our garden beds. Which - by the way - we'd love more helping hands. Lots of ongoing projects and always weeding to be done. I think the best "Gardening Workshop" is actually getting your hands dirty and doing it.

Volunteers come early mornings Tuesdays through Fridays. Email me here to sign up.

It's Been A While . . .

Every time I try to sit down, gather thoughts and write a little farm update, I end up being redirected to other necessary farm chores that call - like feeding baby goats, cleaning pens, etc.


It's truly been a busy season - one of hard work and growth. Joy and her team of volunteers (she/we need more hands to help) have produced some of the most amazing vegetables this season. A few weeks ago, our heirloom tomatoes started to be harvested and they are so lovely! I think it's been our best season since 2009 for tomatoes. 


FarmShop Still Open

Our FarmShop is still open - this Thursday we will have organic sweet corn - thanks to Crooked Sky Farms. We open at 9 am and if you show up early, we'll have you help set up. Speaking of our FarmShop - I'm not sure when we will close down - but I do know - we will continue as long as we can.

Thanks to Kate Eschbach for this image.

Thanks to Kate Eschbach for this image.

A Reminder to Parents

Another thing about the FarmShop - it's important to understand we are not set up for kids to be loose and running around. We are a working farm - not a play ground and all kiddos must have full on adult supervision. We need parents to monitor their kids and not allow them run around or to feed/try to feed my goats.  I have to protect my animals and there was some little kiddo feeding Hazel through the fence last week. It would be horrible if they ate something that would make them sick. That would effect us dearly.  And as some of you know, my little Beatrix just finished three rounds of antibiotics - thinking she had pneumonia - but whatever, goats are pretty fragile creatures and can get upset easily.  I guess, I don't want to have to keep my girls away from the public - but if necessary, I will to protect them.  Can you all help me out with this?



Caramels and More Caramels

The piece of our farm - you purchasing our caramels (which in turn rights our pay check and helps us feed our goats and pay the bills) - has grown. We are thrilled with this grown and now have 3 part time employees. Soon, we will be in the cutest ever cheese shop in Brooklyn, NY.


Hey, did you see? We are now offering FREE SHIPPING on your order of $50 or more on our caramels. Use the code word SUMMER AT CHECK OUT.

And, on a final note....I am taking applications to 'hire' a farm/goat assistant. This person will be able to live here at the farm in our 'tiny house' aka cute trailer. All the details I am working out - and will be writing a blog post with those details this week. It's a wonderful opportunity for someone interested in farm life and specifically running a small goat dairy to jump in and learn. Interested? email me at

Today is the last day.... order our farm's caramels to arrive in time for Mother's Day AND to receive FREE SHIPPING when you order $30 or more. Use the code: MOTHERS.

Tap HERE to order now.


If you'd like us to put a little note from you in your package - email us here at and let us know what you'd like us to say. We love doing that!