Cranberry + Apple Tart for Thursday at The Farm & Hydrating Your Face

Every Thursday (well, almost) Laura of Picket Fence Pastries sets up her European Style pastries at the farm. The line starts a bit before 9 am (which is when we open the farm). Last week, we had some wonderful new visitors and it was suggested that we shift some tables/space around and create a LONGER table as a Community Table - so we did. There's nothing like sitting at our farm, enjoying the goats, sipping Michael's coffee, filling your basket with fresh produce, eggs, lavender bundles, and caramels AND enjoying pastries.

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 2.35.01 PM.png

Let's Talk About Keeping Your Face Hydrated

As you know - I think you know - we started a 100% Natural Skin Care Collection in October. 

Go here to read about the scoop on the skin care company. 

But, what I want to "talk" to you about today, is the need to keep your face hydrated - especially in these winter months. I journaled some thoughts on skin as an older woman as well as shared what I do to hydrate. My scribbles are here.

 My go to facial tonic - our Lavender Hydrosol. 

My go to facial tonic - our Lavender Hydrosol. 


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