The Poetic Inner Workings of a Chef + Sundown Supper on April 13th

The Thursday morning Chef Derek of Moonrise Standard arrived at our farm was a game changer. After some little introductions and dialogue about food, growing and stuff and possibly being our chef for out Farm to Table Suppers, I sent Chef an email. I didn't know him and was curious so I asked him what "sort of menu would he put together." What blew me away and as a grower won my heart. He wrote back "Menu options are ever changing and dependent on the season. . . . . I am on the farm right now, and if I we’re to walk into the field and grab three things they would be . . . "              (the . . .  will be filled in on another post - just let me say - it was AWESOME!

Everything I read about this Chef is amazing. Take 4 minutes, watch this clip and get a "poetic, closer look at the inner workings of a chef's mind - the mind of Chef Derek."   

We'd love for you to join us for our Sundown Supper on April 13th with Chef Derek.

lylah ledner2 Comments