Chef Derek's Spring Time Soup for 2

Today, the Wednesday team of women harvested beautiful produce. I gathered the carrots, the French Sorrel, the fennel and the celery. Soup was on my mind. But, I reached out to Chef Derek of Moonrise Standard (he's our amazing chef for the Supper Gathering on March 16th and by the way as of this writing ONLY 2 seatings remain) to see what he'd do with these ingredients. On another post, I will share what I first liked about Chef Derek - it had to do with when I asked him to see a "menu" - let's say, I got the coolest answer back. Anyway, below is Chef Derek's Spring Time Soup Recipe. Mine, I will share later on this week. 

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Spring Garden Soup for 2


1 bunch carrots

1 bunch sorrel

1 stalk celery

A bunch of fennel Fronds

4 cups chicken or vegetable broth

1 stalk green garlic or a few cloves cured garlic

2 cups canned or dried (and cooked) white beans

Splash of leftover white wine

Salt, pepper, olive oil + other necessities

A few cubes of good butter 

How To: 

Remove the greens front the carrots and chop the roots into palatably bite size pieces. Remove the leaves from the celery and chop the stems into equally palatably bite size pieces. Sweat both on low heat with olive oil for some odd fifteen to twenty minutes. Once slightly softened, add thinly sliced green garlic (or minced garlic cloves) and turn up heat to caramelize said garlic.  After a couple of minutes and before burning the garlic add a splash of white wine if you’re the type of person to not finish a bottle of wine. If you’re not that type of person, add the chicken or vegetable stock, cooked white beans and bring up to a simmer. Roughly chop the carrot tops and fennel fronds. Once the soup is simmering add the chopped carrot tops, fennel, a pinch of salt and pepper, and let roll for a few minutes while you prepare the garnish. As thin as you can, slice the sorrel. Add the sorrel to a mixing bowl with the celery leaves, a drizzle of olive oil and another pinch of sea salt. Toss evenly. Turn off the heat on the soup and whisk in a few cubes of butter. Taste the soup. Need more salt? Add more salt. Want more butter? Add more butter. Spice? Add some chile flake or more black pepper. Taste until its ready.

When it is ready, place the celery and sorrel salad in the soup bowl. Ladle in the soup and serve immediately. The heat will slowly wilt the bright citrusy sorrel leaves and mellow out bitter notes from the celery leaves.

Enjoy with good company or better music.

 This is the soup I made today with above said ingredients. I added Romano Cheese. It's awesome and easy. 

This is the soup I made today with above said ingredients. I added Romano Cheese. It's awesome and easy. 

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