Oops. Mother's Day and Other Celebrations

When I do a blog post, I resize my images so they are pleasing to look at when you open your email. Well, I have no clue what happened with yesterdays Farm blog post, but it was a bummer - the images were HUGE and I so apologize. I think I fixed it now.

So, Easter, Passover, Mother's Day, Teachers Appreciation Day are all around the corner and it means so much to Michael and I when you support this small family business through sharing our caramels with those you love.

We feel the love when you put our caramels in those gift boxes you give to your clients and we feel the love when you tell your favorite flower/coffee/gift shop how much you love The Simple Farm caramels and that they are award winning, made with the best ingredients ever (and now we're using tapioca syrup) and they are NON Gmo and organic and corn free and gluten free.

So, thanks in advance for spreading the love around. Here's the link to spread more love.