Evaluting Life, Loving Wood, Farm Dreams

The beginning of the year and then again mid year, Michael and I step back to evaluate life. We look at where we have been and talk about where we would like to go and what we'd like to do. We will use a big white erase board to make lists, clarify purpose and vision and write down things we'd like to do and what we'd like to see happen for the upcoming year. 

For example, one thing we'd like to do is add more farm to table supper opportunities for our community. Another thing we'd like to do is somehow provide wood working workshops for youth. We would like to see continued growth with our caramel business (like seeing our caramels in a ton new small shops across the country) and we also have some personal dreams and desires of more time with our family in the NW.

One of the things we bounce around is the development of our farm's Chef's Kitchen - with a simple outdoor kitchen space - a garden space where we invite local valley chef's to come and teach and cook and then gather around the table to share the common meal.

Another thing on our list is to have built (somehow) an outdoor communal pizza/bread oven in the design of Alan Scott. Read about him here. I love this quote: For Mr. Scott, brick-oven building became a way to bring a community together.   How crazy awesome would it be to have a monthly farm pizza night? We see it as another way to connect our community to each other through good - really good farm grown, farm cooked food.

One dream/farm goal being fulfilled is the beautiful buzz coming from the farm's new wood working shop. We are so thankful for the Gray Goose Wood Shop family. The pride in the design and care of each handcrafted heirloom board is evident.

The above beautiful walnut board is available by special order through the Gray Goose Woodshop family at The Simple Farm *contact info coming soon.

So, what are some of your dreams for the new year?