Farm Members - Fall into Winter Season 2016 - Members Agreement


Sometimes it's just easier to let EVERYONE KNOW how The Simple Farm Membership works, so this blog post goes through what we do.  IF you are a current Farm Member and I have notified you of your memberships AND you have mailed your $100 deposit - THEN THIS IS FOR YOU! Please print this off and mail the signed agreement in to the farm.

IF YOU are INTERESTED IN this seasons FARM MEMBERSHIP, I am opening it up for a few new members. Email me at I will be contacting those on the current waiting list and IF I DON'T contact you with the next two days - DO CONTACT ME BACK.


Farm Members Subscription

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We invite you to partner with us and become a member of The Simple Farm’s Farm by purchasing a share in this seasons harvest. This seasons share is $400.

The Simple Farm Membership Application

Each member of The Simple Farm’s purchases a share of farm-fresh - just harvested produce.  As a member you are subscribing to a weekly allotment (7-8 items) that have been naturally grown at The Simple Farm.  It’s enough vegetables to feed a small family of 3-4.  At times we will add specialty items to your basket like vegetables or fruit from other local farmers who have the same growing practices.

Membership Share Description:
October 13 - December 20th - for a 10 week season.  The Week of Thanksgiving share baskets will be ready for pick up on Tuesday the 22nd. For the week of Christmas and Hanukkah the share baskets will be ready on Tuesday the 20th. Share baskets include a selection of vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers (see the FAQ). Shares are subject to available crops harvested that week and will vary according to the season.

Pickup Time and Location:
NEW PICK UP DAY - Thursdays from 9 - 11:30 am and 4 - 5:30 PM at our Farm Shop. Parking is outside along the pallet fence. Walk through the gardens and to the French Cafe area (bistro tables and fountain).

Market Style Pick Up
All vegetables, herbs and flowers (if we offer flowers as part of the share for that day) are picked up in the FarmShop Back Room. We take great pride in displaying our harvests in baskets and bundles. We do NOT stuff your harvest in a big paper sack. Please bring your own market satchel. Note: there are other items you may purchase such as Crow’s Dairy goat cheeses and Nourished Bone Broth and Flavored Ghee.



The Simple Farm CSA Share Description: 

a 10 week season of $40 per week totaling $400

Address ___________________________________________________ City_________________
Phone ________________________________Email ____________________________________

NOTE: Share amounts are subject to available crops harvested that week and will vary according to the season.

Please print and mail this portion of the agreement along the balance due by 10/1. Checks made out to:  The Simple Farm9080 E. Cactus Rd. Scottsdale, AZ 85260


I have read and understand that:

  1.  Farming is a seasonal and unpredictable adventure with sometimes losses and sometimes gains.
  2.  Produce will change from week to week and season to season.
  3.  The start of the season will NOT be the full spread of greens and roots - but week after week - they will begin to arrive in sweet abundance.
  4.  Refunds are not available - but I may cancel my subscription at any time (without a refund).
  5.  The freshness of the produce cannot be guaranteed if I pick my share up after the allotted time frames. Thursdays9 - 11:30 am or 4 - 5:30 pm
  6.  If I miss my pick up time, my share will be donated to charity. Consider having a friend pick up your share if you’re unable to make it. We love meeting new people. Do, try to let us know if you’re NOT able to pick up OR if you are having a friend pick up your share.

I believe in The Simple Farm and the farmers at The Simple Farm and their endeavor to provide the best organically grown produce for TSF Members and I support this with my subscription.

Signature: ________________________________________ Date: __________

Send this signed agreement with your payment of $400 ($300 if you paid a deposit)  check or money order to:

The Simple Farm/CSA         9080 E. Cactus Rd              Scottsdale, AZ85260


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