Have you tried these? And a little bit about goats.

These goat milk caramels are rocking with crumbles of the most amazing cacao - 90% cacao from our farm's first intern Ian - of Beehive Chocolates - since moved to Colorado.

When I got this email from Ian Horvath - the subject line made me laugh - it said, "Will Break My Back Intern." WHAT??????? No one tells you that these days! Like, who wants to learn about goats and farming and harvesting chickens and making cheese that bad that they write something like that????

I remember laughing and sorta ignoring the email. I just didn't have time for a joke.

Ian wrote again and then showed up one day. I won't tell the story exactly, but the day he showed up to "work" was the day Michael needed help taking our sweet meat birds to freezer camp. What that meant was it was time for them to be harvested. Ian was drafted. Induction into farm life I call it.

From there, Ian became part of my morning "goat team" - he'd show up on time if not early - often bring the girls to the milk room after a quick morning greeting. He would carry loads of 50# sacks of feed, prepare their grain mix for the stand and then start pre-milking prep for the girls.

One of the things a small or larger goat dairy needs are reliable and responsible and carrying individuals who will love and care for the herd as much as the owners.

Goats are precarious creatures. Goat care requires a constant listening ear and management.

Last week both Bridgette and Hazel got their heads through fencing (that they should NOT have been able to do- but as they are goats and often magical they did!).

More goat stories next blog post.  Back to Chocolate Crumb caramels and in case you want some here's the link.