One of my favorite things to eat . . .

Breakfast/brunch are my favorite meals of the day.  Buttermilk pancakes loaded with either blueberries or bananas are the best and what takes them over the moon is to eat them with family - especially my 7 grandchildren. They LOVE Nana's pancakes and the preferred addition is chocolate chips.  Here is my comfort food recipe - aka Martha Stewart Buttermilk pancakes.

Besides pancakes I love making and eating my Farm style goat cheese quiche. It's easy and doesn't take much time and everyone loves it.  Here's my recipe.

I always use the goat's milk cheddar I make and age when making my Farm style quiche. I also use our own chevre and chives from the garden.

I served this quiche for a Valentines Day brunch I hosted this year.  It was part of our cheese making workshop which Gretchen teaches. Interested in learning to make cheese this fall? Contact me here.

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