Just because we are closing doesn't mean work stops. Join the Joy Team.

I wonder if there is this general modern mindset that says, "Well, if they are closed it means they are 'on vacation' or 'taking time off'.

Maybe for some - that could be true - but quite frankly, farmers really don't "get time off" because farming has a rhythm that is married to the days and months and seasons.

If we 'took time off" the weeds wouldn't get pulled, the flowers wouldn't get dead headed, the beds would get pulled, turned and amended (and then let to rest).  If that wasn't done in a timely manner (like now), then we'd be behind ---  when it's time (seasonally and temperature wise - soil and sun) to begin to start the next seasons produce.

If we didn't start the next seasons produce prepping - we might not have much to offer in the next season.

See, this is how farm life goes.

Do we take breaks? Yes! But there are volunteers that come and help with the many things that continue needing to be done on the "growing seasonal food timeline."

So, as we are 'closing the farm down' as stated here - yes, but we are not stopping work. As a matter of fact, we would love for you to join the Joy Team and give us a hand. Will you? Connect with us here.  Thanks in advance!