The farm is closing July 14th and misc stuff

. . . July 14th is our last day we'll be opened.  On July 14 we are closing the farm.

It's something Michael and I do, every June. We step back, evaluate, look at the ledger sheets, let the land rest, ask for volunteers to come help pull weeds and fluff up the beds (raised beds for growing), think through things, plan, prepare, and dream about cooler weather and think about the fall growing season.

Any business has to be profitable to sustain itself. And we have worked really hard and gone through some ups and downs and soul-searching to see what it takes to continue on. I'll be perfectly honest this is not an easy way to make a living. But it's an honest way.

So all this being said – we are so thankful for every volunteer that shows up. Speaking of volunteers - can you help us? We'd like to add 7 more people to Joy's team. Email us here.

Without Joy Hubbard we would have closed down the farm three years ago. When she stepped in to manage the production of growing it gave me the opportunity to shift in focus on our artisan caramel production business. MIchael continues to start and complete all the projects around the farm - like arbors, gates, fences to rabbit proof, more raised beds, moving compost around, and the many other things he does (he manages all the shipping on caramels as well and does most of the shopping/running around for farm needs).

So, yes, we are closing and we don't know when we will reopen in the fall.

Also you can continue to make arrangements to purchase our Caramels and stop at the farm on a day that's convenient for both of us to pick up the Caramels that you ordered. You can also pick up caramels all over Phoenix - here.