Tables, tomatoes, eggplant and eggs

This morning I enjoyed coffee and conversation in the Teepee garden with Lori Baker. Lori, owns a wonderful Scottsdale "go to" event planning business - Food Truck Caravan. It was pure joy to hear her story. What was even more amazing was how Lori and I both have a passion - and our passion is all about the table. For years, I've been talking about the table - the table as the place to gather and to eat and to share and to listen and to learn. I have been passionate to communicate how the dignity of the meal table needs to be restored.

Today, I sipped coffee with a woman who is my counter part. I felt so privileged to hear her stories - about the beauty and safety of the meal table - as she grew up.  I found myself encouraging her to WRITE down her stories - about that gathering table in her home.  I think we realized that we both need to begin to blog our "table" stories. Stay tuned.

Tomatoes! Peppers! Eggplants! Eggs!

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