New Trend for Brides: Wedding Flowers and Goat Milk Caramel Favors

Have you heard about the new trend?

Brides and their bridesmaids are beginning to take the time to visit local flower farms to find fresh flowers to make their own wedding bouquets. 

We would invite each bride and her party to join us for an early morning walk around at our farm - we'd create a memory - an experience.  And, when done - we'd sit together in a garden space - sip fresh steeped mint tea and enjoy yummy lemon shortbread cookies and converse about what flowers she'd like to see in her bouquet.

And, then 24 hours before her special day of "I Do"  someone from her party would return to the farm - gathering that special collection of color and beauty - and begin to create - simplythe bouquet that would place a smile on the brides face.

We'd love to be part of making your wedding a memory with our farm flowers. 

The other new trend has been seen in a shift from the traditional wedding favor of candles, chocolate, tea bags and the like to The Simple Farm goat milk caramels. Yes, we are so thrilled about this. They really do make the best favors and unique too. All the guests talk about them.

We'd love to serve you and be part of making your special day extra special. Let's chat! Connect with me HERE first.