We are hiring. Come grow with us.

We are in the third year of our farmstead caramel business and hiring additional folks to be part of our award winning caramel team.  We'd love you to come and grow with us.

We are looking for 2 - 3 people for the Tuesday and Wednesday caramel production team. You'd work from 8:30 until 3 pm and you'd be wrapping caramels, putting labels on packages and stuffing those packages with our amazing caramels.  All work takes place here at our farm in our Caramel Production Studio.

This position requires a person to be very attentive to detail, doesn't mind repetitive work - doing the same thing over and over again. This person must be meticulous - will need a food handlers certificate. We want someone who will be responsible and able to take simple correction - we take pride in the way we hand wrap every caramel. 

If this is you - let's talk and let's schedule a morning where you can observe our Monday team as they wrap and package caramels. Come grow with us! Contact me HERE.