It's time to say, "Thank You" and I will go first.

There is a POWER in saying, "Thank you." Having a "thankful" heart and saying "Thank you" can change the world. It can change a heart. It can put a smile on a face.  A "Thank you" can give someone hope when all hope is gone. 

What we need today is to create a culture of giving "thanks" and telling others "thank you."  So, Michael and I will start.

Michael and I want to say THANK YOU - a BIG HEART felt THANK YOU - to the large community of beautiful people who have believed in us, encouraged us, prayed for us, cared for us and volunteered on this farm as well as to those who have supported and continue to support us by purchasing our produce, our hand crafted gifts and flowers and especially our hand made goat milk caramels.  Thank YOU to all of you who have continually supported us by purchasing our caramels through our online Caramel Shop. All of this is the way we have chosen to earn a living. It means so much.


THIS great article in Huff Post explains how to create a culture of recognition.

As I learned first hand when I had my own business, the power of creating a “culture of recognition” is the key to success. Recognizing employees for going “above and beyond” creates a positive dynamic where the employee is motivated to continue doing well in order to feel good about themselves and reinforces getting praised. I experienced very low turnover as a result and found that the reward didn’t have to cost much... just be meaningful to the individual.

How can you make recognition be more effective?

  • Make it personal. Know what kind of recognition the recipient will appreciate. The best way to do this is to ask: “What is something you would love to have, but could never justify buying for yourself?” Customizing the recognition will make it memorable and therefore more impactful. Make sure to understand if the individual appreciates public or private recognition and recognize them accordingly (although sharing recognition in a public way goes a long way in building a “culture of recognition”).
  • Make it specific. Generic recognition messages (“Thanks, great job!”) have little impact. Articulate what the individual did and why it was important. Share how their efforts helped you, the team, the client, or the company. Tie it into the company’s values or goals.
  • Make it meaningful. In addition to having managers recognize their direct reports, also create a culture where peer-to-peer recognition is encouraged. Offer a broad array of choices and make them as meaningful to the recipients as possible. Continually reassess your recognition program and provide innovative solutions, like integrating social media.
  • Make it timely. Don’t wait for the annual bonus or “employee appreciation day”. Give recognition in the moment or soon after. This will encourage the employee to replicate the feeling and continue to excel.
  • Make it frequent. Do not limit the amount of recognition given. You want to continually encourage excellent behavior, results and progress. If budget is a factor, consider low or no cost ways to recognize contributors.



Creating a Culture of Thanks with our Caramels



Did you know this month is teacher appreciation month? Give those teachers our caramels. If you want - we're happy to write a note on your behalf and ship them too. See HERE.

Wedding Guests or Other Celebrations

Did you know our caramels are a special way to say "Thank you" to your wedding guests or any other kind of celebration for that matter? Wedding favors need to be unique and different and ours are. See HERE.

Corporate Gift Giving

Banks, Corporations, HR management, Universities, Airlines, Real Estate, Client Management and really anyone that needs - should - could create a culture of THANKS by using our small sized packages of sea salt caramels would make their clients think twice about doing business somewhere else. HERE is info about what we offer.

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Thanks! Lylah