Coffee, Cannes Film Festival and Your Mojo

 These are amazing. Want some? Order  here .

These are amazing. Want some? Order here.

Hi there. I hope you've had a good weekend so far.  So, I just wanted to touch base and share a few things with you. The first one is that in honor of the Cannes Film Festival The Caramel Shop at The Simple Farm is going red carpet couture, south of France style.

I am excited to reintroduce some of our favorite caramels all dressed up and with new names and ready for the big lights.

Introducing Cacao Caramels

It just didn't seem right to call this caramel that has 90% fair trade cacao by Beehive Chocolates a "chocolate crumb." It's richer and classier than that. For the next month or so - when you order Cacao Caramels we will have the old label on.  You can order these gourmet caramels here.

 Order these online  here .

Order these online here.

Next in our line up (drum roll) . . .

Introducing Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom (previously names Spring Blossom) just needs to be available more than a few months of the year. Every time we pour a new tray of these delectable and amazing caramels with generous amounts of freshly grated orange zest, a hint of organic orange extract and then topped with the perfect amount of chopped hazelnuts - they sell out - before we can finish wrapping them - so we decided to make them for you year around (applause).

So You Don't Miss Out

We're also excited to introduce a great way to never miss out on our disappear-before-your-eyes caramels. Every time we add more caramels to the online Caramel Shop, we'll post on Instagram and Pinterest and Facebook.


And now - Get Your Marketing Mojo On

I just spent two incredibly amazing weeks with an incredible photographer - Pamela Jane - with The Paris Collection.  I couldn't take notes fast enough on all her tips/pointers for her Story Telling Photography. We worked HOURS and HOURS with design and prop styling and natural lighting so that a story could be told (with my caramels) through the lens of my camera. Some of the above images are the fruit of that time spent. Pamela and I are planning to collaborate in the future and invite the community of creatives to come to the farm to not only learn the basics of styling but the specifics of shooting that style - with a hands on experience - with you bringing your product. For a step one and two of these basics, it would be important that you first take, Stephanie, of Life Created photographyand styling workshops here-  link


And currently, to further equip you with your business and expand your marketing base, I've invited my friend Bethany Michaels to teach and equip you on what strategic marketing is about and how to how to start growing your business using Bethany's tools.  Here is the link to her site and to register.