Tell someone thank you. Gather and snip your own Brides bouquet.

I grabbed all my little mason/kerr jam jars and Pamela of The Paris Collection (by the way have you seen all her Paris prints?) went to town with gold spray paint (gold finger she is not).

I wanted to create a simple edible flower bouquet that someone could take to a friend. Someone who needs to know they are appreciated. Anyone who needs to hear - Thank You.  The gold makes a nice touch.

Each week fresh herbs and flowers are gathered to create these Thank You bouquets. They are $8.


The first image below was the gathering of last week's fresh farm flowers for our Thank You bouquets.


Saturday I walked around the farm gardens and snapped images of all our Spring Flowers and fillers growing.

I got to thinking about how to offer a "you snip your own" wedding bouquet. If you have any ideas - email me and let me know.