My FarmShop Open THIS Thursday Morning Only - 9 - 11:30 am

The Farmshop is open Thursday morning only 9-11:30. Come have sips and cheese and crackers with us - we're celebrating a bit.

I love the transformation of this space on the farm. A former Arabian horse barn transformed into my FarmShop - farm couture. It's not like I don't have tons of stuff to do - but, there's something fun, invigorating and relaxing (if all of those things can be had at the same time) when I rearrange and style and restyle this place - getting it ready for our Thursday Farm Guests and Farm Members.

Like any woman who welcomes people to her home - she wants them to feel special. It's how I feel about this FarmShop. I want every woman (men too) that walk onto our farm, through the gates and into this place to feel as if someone thought of just them.

All the furniture and items were found, foraged, given or bought used. J & K Furniture is one of my favorite places to find vintage pieces that seem made for the FarmShop.

My chandelier came from a home Michael and I owned years ago and we found the ladder at a church rummage sale. My glass doors, someone donated.

This is the Back Room of the Farmshop. It's the place we set up for our Farm Members. Right now (until we start a new Farm Members season), we have set up The Gray Goose Wood Works - cheese, bread, cutting, cocktail boards and the like. Tomorrow morning, in this room, with the goats watching, we'll serve some crackers and goat cheese and sips.