Sweet Bites, Thanks and 2017 Farm Stuff

We are so thankful for each and everyone of you. You have made our year a sweet one with the hope for 2017 being even more so.  It's people like you, who are the example to others in supporting local and supporting small businesses like ours. It's people like you who spread the word about us, our farm, our goats and our goat milk caramels. So many of you chose us and our caramels to give us holiday, gifts, teachers gifts, stocking stuffers and little sweet surprises for Hanukkah. We are deeply grateful. To say THANKS back to you, we're offering a sweet special on our caramels. Use the code SWEET and take 20% off $30 or more.


In the early part of 2016, we continued our The Create Series - workshops to inspire beauty and arts to inspire a slower type of living. Here we had our calligraphy workshop.

Here we had a wonderful Sunday morning Valentines Morning Udder to Table and Cheese Making Experience.

The Paris Collection came to the FarmShop - the inspiration to launch a more Farm Couture style in the shop.

Thank You Bouquets here were added to our FarmShop selection of gifts, and the beautiful Rachel of Pink Puddle instructed another sweet group of women/men with her water coloring workshops. I always love Rachel coming to the farm.

Sweet babies. We love our sweet babies that are born at the farm - check this out here. 

Here I shared about our sadness at loosing our working/farm cat Gracie.  The best summer salad from my farm is here.

You were introduced to Bridgette here.

People are always asking if we are open during the summer and have questions about Farm Members - here I explained a few things. I LOVE looking at the images of the summer bounty. And here I shared pictures of my day trip to Paulden and a flower workshop with amazing women. And here I explained about the FALL Members Agreement. My favorite way to cook Chard is here and here is a great soup recipe using chard.

One of the exciting things for us was to finally create the dark chocolate experience for all of you with our caramels. So addicting here. And here, we announced our collaboration with The Scottsdale Resort - our "sold out quickly" Farm to Table Suppers with Kitchen West.

Our BEE Experience story is here. And, here we started all over again - breeding our girls.

It's always exciting when a magazine adds you to their Gift Guide like here with Phoenix Magazine. And that just about sums up 2016 farm life.

We are looking forward to what 2017 brings. We've got some ideas brewing and stirring and will be excited to see what/how things unfold. Our suppers will continue and we are looking to add a few more dates - collaborating with Worth Take Away (from Mesa). Babies will start arriving after Valentines Day.  We are thankful for the added small shops all over the valley where you can purchase our caramels. Here's the list with one more new shop in CaveCreek called Shop On The Hill. Check this super cool place out here.

One finally Farm Stuff info - we will be continuing growing for farm members this next year but as of now, we might be taking less members. If you get an email from me the beginning of January, that means you're still on our members list. ALL who have been members for the past few years are "grand fathered" in.

Oh, we ARE open THIS Thursday - from 9-11:30 am. We'll have some vegetables, goat cheese, caramels, and herbs and gifts, of course.


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