The Cool Buzz At Our Farm and Our FarmShop is Open This Thursday

This past week, there's been a lot of buzzing going on. Saws and sanders, grinders and lathes and all those other things a lover of wood lays awake at night thinking/dreaming about have found their place in our farm's wood shop.

For the love of wood and design and family and creativity the gentle crafting of beautiful and timeless cheese, baguette, charcuterie boards has begun. Each one - a story. Each one - a purpose.

I can't wait to show you the selection of this husband and wife teams boards the walnut, the mahogany, and the maple. 

Prices for this collection of these cheese/baguette/charcuterie boards start at $125. Each one varies in length and style.

It was lovely to see their long beautiful dark walnut board being showcased with the evening appetizers at The Scottsdale Resort Farm to Table Supper.

Our FarmShop will be open THIS Thursday fro 9-11:30 and for a slot in the afternoon. We will see you then!

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