We Had a LOVELY Super Last Night and The Last Hurrah

Our farm to table supper was set for last evening - December 16th here at the farm. Due to the possibility of crazy rain weather (which sorta blew over us) the gathering at the supper table shifted to The Scottsdale Resort. Chef Rick and the team at Kitchen West made us feel like kings and queens - with layer upon layer (probably not the right word) of the most incredible courses - lamb, duck, sirloin - and let's talk about the oyster soup. Wow. Double Wow.

The lovely images of our supper were taken by the beautiful Joanie Simon - one of our farm to table supper guests.  I didn't find this out till we were saying our goodbyes - but she is an "in demand' AZ food photographer, blogger and "how to take food pics" expert. Do take notice of her and get INSPIRED HERE.

What We Enjoy Most About our Farm To Table Suppers

I think what Michael and I really love about our farm to table suppers is (not just the FOOD) but the people.  I mean. Like. We. Get. To. Be. With. Eat. With. Some of the most amazing people on this whole earth. How they find us - I don't always know - but when you eat together - break bread - commune over a meal together (yup, even as strangers) you FIND EACH OTHER.

It's a good thing that our suppers are small - it's not a good thing that we are limited by time. I just wish time would SLOW down so that we could listen to and learn from each other more. The time constraint impeded the stories that had not yet been told along with the questions that longed to be asked and answered.

I think what we need to do is have a repeat - maybe a wine and cheese thing - with ALL the farm to table supper guests from this series.

Our Caramels and The Last Hurrah

We know we have the most amazing caramels out there.  We won an award in 2014 with Good Food Award. Out of 1500+ small food producers OUR goat milk caramels were in the top 5% and won an award as a finalist. There is a fun story (another journal post) as to WHY we were so happy with THAT award.

Anyway, our caramels are not your traditionally SWEET SWEET HARD caramel.  They are soft, buttery, creamy with a tangyness that blends with the sea salt that creates an experience. 

Our caramels are made in small batches and there is just something about the way the richness and creaminess of beautiful goats milk (from happy goats) makes them so unique. In part it has to do with the smaller protein molecule in goats milk and how that works with the caramelizing process and gives you that hint of a tangy flavor.

We want you to experience them and so we are offering the last hurrah. 20% off of $30 or more UNTIL MONDAY MORNING - Our last shipping day is Monday afternoon. When you check out - use the code work IWANTCARAMELS.  Do it NOW - this is it. We are taking some time off to catch our breath and enjoy the holiday.

HERE Is your direct link to our Caramel Shop. IF you want us to ship them as a gift we are happy to do that - AND Michael always loves to put a special note in your package. Email him HERE at hello@theismplefarm.net with exactly what you'd like him to write.