Maple Caramels and Stocking Stuffers

This past Thursday, a sweet woman stopped by my FarmShop. It was her first time to visit. She purchased some caramels and as she was checking out she inquired about THESE MAPLE caramels. I told her we made them seasonally.

Well, it seemed that HER introduction to The Simple Farm and our caramels was that SOMEONE KIND gave her a package of our Maple Caramels. That happened to be quite some time ago and I guess those Maple Caramels made an impact on her. I am glad they did and because of that we MADE two trays of these caramels. THEY ARE AMAZING IF I SAY SO MYSELF. IF you wanted SOME - you'd better order now. I have ONLY 15 packages left. HERE's the link.

Stocking Stuffers

I have been working on a new FarmShop website - slowly - very slowly. The purpose is to showcase ONLINE the current items in my FarmShop and to showcase the future items like home goods (like our Grow, Cook, Create, Gather collection), personal items like our farm's goat milk beauty bars (I am SOO excited about this one - details coming), facial oils, farm and goat prints of photos and other gift items you'll want.

Until the FarmShop is set up online, our Scottsdale FarmShop is open on Thursdays from 9-11:30 and I'd love to invite you to stop by.

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