The FarmShop is Opening Again - A Sneek Peek

As you know, we close the farm and our FarmShop down - sometime in June and reopen sometime in October.

Well, NEXT Thursday, October 13th we are opening and couldn't be more thrilled to see everyone again. Joy and I spent a bit of Thursday cleaning and rearranging and sprucing up everything and I thought it'd be fun to give you a little sneek peek as to what we've done.

We grow primarily ALL our produce - lettuces, chards, kale, mizuna, beets, carrots, squash, eggplant, etc. for our FARM MEMBERS. Most Thursdays we have a bit extra that has been gathered for our non farm members. All that produce is INSIDE the FarmShop.


Flower bouquets and herb bundles and our goat milk caramels are ALWAYS placed INSIDE our FarmShop for everyone. Flower bouquets will be small right now.


One of my favorite pieces from The Paris Collection. More of Pamela's selection is here.


See you next Thursday! 9 - 11:30.