What's happening at The Simple Farm

Our Caramels Are Making It Around

We've been busy the past several months making a lot of batches of our caramels.  That means you all really like them and you believe others should try them. Thanks!

We don't want you to miss out. Order here

And my current favorite is has been lightly finished with a smoked sea salt from Jacobsen Salt Co.’s   You can order my favorite here.


FarmShop is Open

I'd dreamed about a place where farm/home/kitchen/artisan hand crafted items/gifts could be purchased. We did it and we couldn't be more pleased that you remember our FarmShop when it's time to give a gift. Thanks! The FarmShop is open pretty much every Thursday from 9-11:30 and 3:30-5:30.

And, we keep a basket filled with our caramels in the FarmShop. Don't forget gift giving for Valentines Day too.


Our winter into spring growing season is under way and everything is lovely. We just received a big box of seeds from Johnny's Seeds for beets, carrots, celery, cucumbers, beans and a variety of herbs. And, I believe we have filled all Members Spots for this season.

The other day I took an inventory of all the herbs we grow.

French sorrel, English and French thyme, French Chervil (just seeded), hyssop (just seeded), chamomile, winter savory, parsley, oregano, borage, sage, lambs ear, English and French lavender, fennel, echinacea, tarragon, rue, marjoram, and a few others.

My newest herb love is marjoram. Pea soup and this herb makes the world a better place.

Baby Goats

We didn't plan to breed the girls this year, but as we watched our caramel business getting busier and more markets/shops stocking our caramels we knew we needed to change plans.

IF Bridgette was bred - she's first on the docket - due 3/31 and Molly is definitely bred - three for sure, probably four, maybe five. I hope NOT five. I really hope not four. Three would be more than plenty. Last year Molly carried triplets and delivered just about 3 weeks early and we lost all three. Molly is due 4/5.



Farm Events - The Create Series - New Workshop - Hand Lettering - March 11th

Remember last year - in May - when we started our farm's The Create Series? We had Stephanie of Life Created and Jenna of The AZFlorette and Rachel of The Pink Puddle spend a few Fridays at our farm for over sold workshops on food/product photography, foraged floral design and floral wreaths and watercoloring.

We are starting this years The Create Series off with a beautiful creative from California - there will be two workshops that Friday morning. The first one is here. And the second one - modern calligraphy is here.  You should take both!

More The Create Series are being scheduled.

And, that's a little farm update!