Tree Donations and Tree Planters and Regular Volunteers - Update

In late spring we reached out to our community. We asked for folks to consider donating to the farm so we could purchase trees. That happened. You did it. We rented an auger and we planted 65+ trees with a team of volunteers and if you can only imagine the canopy of grace and goodness growing because of these trees.

Part of the exchange was a package of our goat milk caramels and an opportunity for a "baby goat selfie" - AND we would invite YOU to OUR table - in appreciation of a collaborative community effort to say thanks AND for a bunch of awesome people (tree donors, tree planters AND our regular/weekly volunteers) to get to know each other AND to sit and dine at a farm table with each other.

Now - we're in the process of nailing down that October evening alfresco date. We're thinking there will be 70 or so of you coming to our table. {that is thrilling to say the least}. That date will be announced soon.  More than likely it will be a Friday evening.

Three things - (as mentioned in the beginning) #1 - EVERYONE will be bringing SOMETHING to the table to share. . . like a farm potluck. It doesn't matter what you bring. #2 - EVERYONE will be bringing their own bottle (of whatever). #3 - This invitation to our table is for adults only. As fun as it would be to see children - we believe it's an evening for adults to gather and connect and chat and enjoy without the sense of having to be "on" and responsible for children.

We also know that we won't be able to accommodate EVERYONE with the October date.

A few more thing - #1 IF you have a wooden table you no longer want/need - we need wooden tables (we'll do folding if we have to).....because we want to set up the longest farm table every.  #2 - IF you'd like to join the "setting up everything" team - contact me here.  #3 - IF you know of local tv channel who might be interested in filming/photographing this event - pass the word.

Lastly - we're so excited!