What makes our caramels different than the rest?

The Simple Farm is a small goat dairy and caramel company in Scottsdale creating an experience . . . and experience of caramels.

Did you know that all caramels are not the same? I think some people avoid caramels because they've experienced those kind that stick to your teeth.

Our caramels are different. They are an experience - a hand crafted experience.

Here's 5 Reasons Why Ours are Different

#1 - Traditionally caramels are made with cow's milk which has a larger protein molecule. Our caramels are made with really good - fresh goat's milk.  The fat molecule found in goats milk are typically smaller and goats milk is naturally homogenized. Goats milk also contains less milk sugar - lactose and this means it's easier to break down. All this is a plus when making caramels with goats milk as it makes a smoother caramel.

#2 - Our caramels are made with very very very fresh goats milk. Our fresh milk. . . . what we call 'the morning milk'.

 image: www.lifecreated.com

image: www.lifecreated.com

#3 - We feed our girls really well. And, what you feed your animal matters. Because our girls don't have the luxury of wandering around - through big green pastures and browsing all sorts of wonderful and seasonal gleanings like blackberries or apples or lovely greens - we find ways to provide those things for them.  But what our girls do have is us. They have the best care and love we can give them. We are ALWAYS finding fresh forage for them - mesquite pods and branches (in season), orange tree branches and orange trees (in season), mulberry tree branches (in season), pomegranates and pomegranate branches (in season), apples and apple tree branches (in season), the weeping acacia, and the moringa tree - EVERYTHING we purposely grow for them and snip for a daily feast at our hands.

A few months ago - we planted a "goat garden" for them. Two days ago - I opened the gates and they got lost in the blackberry bushes and sunflowers and watermelon.  They stripped my mulberry tree planted (it will come back). We also search out the freshest cut (as best as we can) and nicest alfalfa which is always available to them.

#4 - We work hard (very hard) at caring for and protecting our herd.  We are involved intentionally with their care. Every morning the milkers come into the milk room and are readied for morning milking.  They are cleaned - wiped - cleaned again - checked over and noticed and then milked. We spend time with our girls - check on them frequently through out the day. We listen to the different sounds each one makes so we know what those sounds mean. Hazel - for instance - just likes to talk. She will call out - she's not in pain - not stranded - not anything - but she just wants attention. When she calls out - I respond back to her. It soothes her and then she's ok and can settle back in with the herd.

#5 - Our caramels are different because they're not just a confection that is mass produced. We make small batches in our industrial caramel kitchen and each batch is hand wrapped and packaged. The rich goat milk from our pampered goats and all the organic and non gmo ingredients make each bite an experience. . . a hand-crafted experience. 

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