I just have to tell you something.

No, seriously. I do have to tell you something.

Every Tuesday.

Every Wednesday.

Every Thursday.

Every Sunday. . .

There are teams of women (some guys too) who show up - glove up - don a hat - sometimes an apron . . .

. . . and (under the direction of Joy) connect in their farm team community - and volunteer at our farm. They work -  and sweat and laugh and learn and sweat some more and talk and growwith one another and make the farm look amazing and all those "farm projects" that keep whirling around in our heads - they help us check them off the list.

They pull weeds, spray weeds with heavy duty vinegar, pull old beds, prep beds, get ready to seed, cut Okra (again), organize the seeds, fertilize and chat and laugh some more and most of all - come to The Simple Farm and serve and give and love and support this place (and us and our vision) with no monetary compensation return payment worth so much more - as they say. . . because of what it does to and for their soul.

A HUGE thanks to all who have - past - present and future - volunteered at our farm. You're the best!