Winding Down The Market Season - and more . . .

Friday Market Closing

Just a reminder that July 3rd is our last day to be open to the public. The market is closing as well as Mama's Cold Brew won't be around either.

Summer Sizzler - CSA

We WILL continue our farm CSA members and have a few more slots that are open. This Summer Sizzler is a 5 weeker and starts July 9th and ends August 6th. Here's the info to sign up.

Caramels and Caramel Sauce

YES - you can always order our caramels and caramel sauce (when it's available) and you can schedule a Farm Pick up. Just email us here and let us know what you'd like to order.

Farm Gatherings and Events

We've been working hard on all the new garden spaces - adding water features and fun little spaces and larger fun spaces to accommodate the requests by hospitality and event planners for Farm To Table events as well as team building activities. We're gearing up for a busy fall farm experience. If you're looking for an event space or special adult celebration space - we'd be glad to schedule an early morning farm tour with Laurie and talk to you about what we offer. Contact us here.  We will serve you coffee and something sweet to munch on while you take a tour of the farm.