The Create Series - Watercoloring - The Beauty of Painting

This Friday from 9 am until 11 am we'll be having our second The Create Series workshop with the lovely illustrator, artist, Rachel Eskandari will be your instructor.  You can read about this amazing and gifted young woman here.

Rachel writes . . .THE BEAUTY OF PAINTING . . . THE FOCUS OF MY WORKSHOPS . . .   There is so much beauty in the world but we all haven’t had the time/opportunity/motivation to tap into it. You would be surprised but each person possesses a certain type of creativity. I consider myself a visual artist. My creativity is stimulated by photos and  what I see in front of me. Some people are stimulated by what they read, write, cook, solve, etc. I love working with my hands but it is different than a sculptor loving to work with their hands. When people approach me and say, “I do not have a creative bone in my body,” I never believe them just because I feel like everyone has some type of creativity, but they are either not recognizing it as being creative or not channeling it.

With my workshops I really want to help people channel a creative outlet. You may not be a painter but I feel that if you experiment with one outlet it has the potential to lead you to your true passion. My workshops aren’t only about teaching you skills but they are also a way for you to tap into your creativity. I like my workshops to be more mindful than technical. I like people to work with an open mind and put perfectionism to the side.

Here is what I am striving for in the workshop:

Stimulation of the senses in this lush environment

Learn tips and tricks in painting wildflowers

Explore the imagination and not be concerned with the idea of perfection

Create a beautiful floral piece inspired by the gardens

To continue your search of beauty, I am providing you with a few art materials to take home

This workshop is Friday morning May 22nd from 9 am until 11. We will serve muffins and hot coffee. Mama's Cold Brew is available for purchase. This is an introductory offering fee of $65. Register and pay online here.