Photography - The Create Series

As a blogger, farmer, goat herder and confectioner - a business owner - pictures are important to me. I know that every picture I post and share is a reflection of my product. Unfortunately, I've posted so many bad pics and I still struggle understanding the positioning, the lighting, focus etc.

I needed help and so I asked Stephanie of Life Created to do a workshop here at the farm under The Create Series. She's a photography stylist and more and the title of this workshop Introduction to Food Photography didn't quite do the justice of which I knew her workshop would be about. I asked her to share with you - here (below) a bit more about this particular workshop. Now - I'm even more excited.

She writes . . .Come connect with other foodies, bloggers, business owners and photography lovers to learn the initial skills used in food and product photography. We will discuss how to use manual settings on your camera with natural light to stage some table-top dishes and still life items. This time together will also let us discuss how to achieve feeling in our images that makes your audience listen to your message through your photo. 

You will leave with ideas about styling, color coordination and some tips on editing those images after your shoot is done. All attendees receive a few small props to take home and use with their new skills.

Now that you understand a bit more about Stephanie and the craft she will begin to teach - you can register online here.

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