Trees - Goat Selfie - $50 - Caramels - Community

I bet you might be wondering what in the world does TREES - GOAT SELFIE - $50 - CARAMELS AND COMMUNITY MEAN?

Glad you're wondering.

As you can see in the picture below -

much of 9080 is barren. We've worked hard to "fill in" spaces with a few trees and garden beds and creativity - but . . .I thought I'd reach out to the community - the cooks - the corporate folk - the neighbors - the communities of faith - the families - and ask you to help us.

There are 30 pink/orange spots all over the farm - as you can see one in the above picture. All these pink/orange spots need a Chilean Mesquite tree - to create ground cover, shade, beauty and to help with providing that needed protection from the heat/sun for what we are growing.

We're asking for 30 people - to purchase these trees (they are $50 each) and in exchange - you get a package of caramels - get to take a picture with one of our baby goats (4 more are due the beginning of May) AND we'll put a little placard on THE TREE that you've donated saying it's on behalf of you.

If you don't want to GO to a nursery and BUY the tree outright - we will do that for you - but we just need $50. When you buy your tree - we'll set up a date (pretty soon) to have you come to the farm and with your camera - we'll take some pics of you/your family/your mother/your aunt/your kids (whoever) and one of the baby goats. We'll also get the information at that time as to your name on the donation for the tree. You can also donate the tree in honor of someone special - and don't forget Mother's Day is coming up - you could buy a tree for our farm - do it on behalf of your mom - give her the package of caramels and have her come and take a picture of a baby goat on her lap.

IF we get more than 30 trees donate - we will PLANT THEM ALL. To be honest - 50 trees would be amazing and one more thing - this is all happening just before Arbor Day.

Want to donate? You can do so via PP here -

Thanks in advance. Oh, why Chilean Mesquite? There are no thorns and we like to feed them to the goats.

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