Simply Taught and Beautifully Experienced - The Craft of Making Cheese/Milking Goats

Farm to Table. Grape to Glass. Paddock to Plate. Farm to Fork.

These are all words to describe a beautiful movement to resurrect an important connection in understanding where the food you eat comes from. That connection is with the earth, the grower, the one who sustainably cares for the goats (or cows) being milked to provide good milk used to make cheese or other dairy products.

The movement is a Slow Movement - to connect with each other - understand each other - learn to do life on life with each other and it's food - eating together - gathering around the table with sustainably produced food - being the connector.

Udder To Table

A year ago I introduced a new slow movement phrase - Udder to Table and a team from AAA insurance company experienced a morning at our farm.

Now, Michael, Gretchen and I are excited to announce our second Udder to Table coming to our farm this February 14th - Sunday, Valentines Day Morning. A simply taught and beautifully experienced - a morning you will take with you.

There is limited seating available for this experience.

Here are the details.


 image: Gretchen Goldstein

image: Gretchen Goldstein

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