My Farm Kitchen

I love a bright, white kitchen and when we moved into this home - it was quite dated with all the brown cabinetry. It was dark and dreary and the only window for any light was above the kitchen sink - a small window at that.

I dreamed of doing a remodel but there just wasn't a budget for that sort of thing, so one week while Michael was in the Northwest visiting our kids and grandchildren, I went at it.

For a few years, I researched methods to redo kitchen cabinets and after talking to a friend who painted all her cabinets, it seemed using the Annie Sloan paints was the 'ticket' to accomplish the goal - white cabinets.

What I knew I didn't want to do was to take OFF cabinets and hardware. With that paint you can actually paint right over the hinges (my kind of project).

While researching, I ran across a blogger who made her OWN Annie Sloan chalk paint. I followed her recipe making my OWN paint using my very favorite white in the whole world - Benjamin Moore Linen White.

Denise of Salvaged Inspiration here and her post on BEST Homemade Chalk Paint were my inspiration.

I shut myself in that week. And by the end of the project - I felt such a wonderful sense of accomplishment and pure joy with my "new" kitchen. Then - after painting and brightening everything up . . .

I'm sure you're familiar with the phrase, "Kitchen is the Heart of the Home" and I can attest that it's true. I love my home and love my kitchen.  

. . .  the next thing we did was to open up the dark room - by putting in a little French door and a few windows. As you can see from the picture above - there's LIGHT in this room.

Not only light, but we have the ability to walk out side this space, enjoy our home patio and keep a watchful eye on all the goaty girls and Winnie when they hang out under the big mesquite tree mid morning for their cud-chewing and loafing time.

Photos: Stephanie of Life Created and Jen of Blue Stitch Photography


Next blog post I'll share one of my favorite comfort food recipes.

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