The Word is Out - TSF Has Amazing Educational Classes

That's such a nice thing to have said about a farm such as ours. Cheese-Making, Goat Keeping, Container Gardening, Cool Weather Herbs, Mother Sauces, Cherry Cobbler in Cast Iron, Garden Design, Composting Basics, 5 Keys to Starting a Garden, Making Jams and Jelly, Pruning Fruit Trees, Solar Basics - How to Set Up Your Own Solar, Raising Back Yard Chickens, Planting Potatoes, All About Ham Radios, Building Chicken Tractors . . . and a few more.

This Thursday - the 11th - there is a nice class line up:

9 am - Chef Eric is back with his Craft of Cooking Classes - This one is all about cooking with cast iron AND he is preparing a farm style - Cherry Cobbler - which will be served in the class. Michael will serve coffee.

9 am - Kari is teaching her very popular Container Gardening Class. So many people just don't have back yard space - BUT you can grow successfully in containers.

10:15 - Jill will teach you how to prune your fruit trees. She's an expert and you'll take a way some tree pruning skill as you follow her around at our farm.

10:15 - Kari will be teaching her Cool Season Herb class. There's so much to learn about herbs - and Kari makes it all simple.

On Sunday - the 14th - Annabelle will be teaching her very popular Cheese Making 101 Class at 1:30 and then at 4 pm - stick around for her Goat Keeping 101 Class. At the end of the class, we'll take you into our own milk room.

Here's the link to our workshop and class page.