Our Farm and Home is Now Closed Till Late October

Just A Little End of the Season Housekeeping

I know it's bitter sweet to stop our markets and close our farm and home off to public access. We have so many wonderful people who stop by - faithfully each week - as well as our support staff of incredible volunteers that we will miss. That's the bitter part. (Actually our support staff of volunteers will still come regularly and we'll have some "gather around the table" food things - because we can and we like to celebrate together by eating and just be-ing.

The sweet part is that Michael and I get to sit and breath (sort of) and regroup and evaluate what has happened and brainstorm the direction of what we see the operation here at 9080 looking like. We have some ideas and vision and we'll "white-board" all this out through the purpose we believe is to be here on this land that we've sweated to reclaim (having no intention for it to be quite like it is - but incredibly delighted it is).

This Is A Private Home and Farm

Keep in mind - our farm is not a 'public' farm - it's a private home and we just happen to farm our spaces and grow vegetables and then open up our private home/farm and invite the general public to our market and French cafe to buy fresh/local produce, herbs, eggs, goat's milk and cheese, breads, grass fed meats and specialty butters. We also have invited the general public to grow their own food and cook their own food through our inspirational workshops.

What's confusing, I think, is that when you see cars parked - it can give the impression that it's opened and anyone can pay a visit, take a tour, stop by - etc. etc.  That's not so.  Those cars here - work here - they volunteer here - OR they are picking up the CARAMELS they ordered (all summer long), OR are CSA Share members picking up their weekly baskets - OR they are have advance REGISTRATION for a CLASS or Workshop - OR they are hosting a PRIVATE event at one of our farm to table spaces - OR they are a photographer who has paid a site fee and scheduled a photo shoot.

So - the farm is not open to the general public, unless you are a registered student, CSA Share holder, photographer, volunteer, are having a private event.  We understand that it would be nice to allow anyone to come on to the property to take a tour around, but this farm is also our private residence, and uninvited guests are surprising and often inconvenient for us.  If you'd like to schedule a private, paid tour of the farm, please contact us (via the contact form).

Have a wonderful summer!

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