17 Workshops and Classes Posted So Far for Fall

I am screaming. Can you hear me? Seriously, the vision of inspiration and education for all things - farm/home/garden/cooking is exploding in this heat of summer!

Here's why - as of today - there are 17 wonderful classes and workshops to inspire you - to teach you - how to grow food, raise chickens and cook so that you can......enjoy life a bit more - capture a bit of what is simple, natural and good. 

Here's the current list with many more coming like: making lemon curd, concocting condiments like mayo, mustard, ketchup and salad dressings, making extracts and tincture, home brewery, how to cook over a fire - and how to make a fire (thoughts of making a building an cob oven are in the works), making garden cocktails, how to cook with cast iron, making compound butters, pickling, making spice blends, and a few more.

One I am especially excited about is having Alexandre, the French teacher at the International School, teach an evening class on French penmanship - in the garden. It will be a BYOB, we'll serve our own farm made goat cheese and some French baguettes from Grano de Vida. You'll actually be learning how to write - French style - a lovely recipe. Will be lots of fun.