How To Pick Up Your CSA Share Basket {new system}

We've just about completed our farm's first 8 week CSA share.  The share cost for 8 weeks of incredibly amazing farm grown vegetables and fruit was $200 - equivalent to $25 a week. Our next CSA share will be the same - except for a 5 weeker. Start date is being determined.

Each week I've had the delightful time to connect with those picking up their shares. We've talked recipes, ideas, and just got to know each other.  Here I wrote about how to cook with a CSA share.

Each CSA share member has been able to purchase other ADD-Ons when picking up their produce.  ADD-Ons included eggs, potatoes, apples, Crow's Dairy goat milk and cheese, Nourished Butters and our goat milk caramels.  Maple syrup, honey and Hayden Flour has been on our market shelf and J. Holbrook Grass Fed Meats has been in our freezer.

Currently, when family members pick up their shares - I am in our farm library, the present place where CSA share are picked up.  Everyone signs in my CSA book and then takes their share and has a look around to see if there are any ADD-On's they'd like. If so, they make a list in the CSA Share book and then pay me for the total.

Making a Little Change

The change is to allow us needed time to complete our evening farm chores a bit earlier giving time to prepare our own evening meal (before a too late hour).  It will be an HSM (honor system) check in and check out. You'll see us - putzing around but not manning the CSA share pick up.

So this is what you'll do . . .

1. You will sign in and check out here at the HSM (honor system market) garden table. Sign in this BLUE book. It's also the book you'll use to write down any of your ADD-On purchases.


2.  You will still pick up your CSA share (just like before) inside the library (blue door).

3.  You will still be able to have a look around to see what add-ons you'd like.

4.  You will use the TSF Market Tally sheets for any purchases and you will leave these in the basket on the table.  Please put your name at the top of it.

5.  If something needs to be weighed you will weigh it here....on the scale outside ....all our prices should be clearly marked.

6.  You will put your CASH (we will be around a bit but working - so - no change can be made) or CHECK to The Simple Farm is placed here . . . IN the future, we'll provide a way to keep a credit/debit card on file for purchases.  IF you would like to use a card for your ADD-On purchases - leave your phone number - we will call you, take your CC over the phone and then process the charge.

Thanks for working with us and if you have any suggestions on how to make this be smoother - please let us know.