What To Do With All Those Tomatoes

Right now, the harvest is rich and full of delightful tomatoes and often the gardener is overwhelmed and doesn't know quite what to do . . .

. . . Well, Chef Eric will show you exactly what to do this Thursday at 9 am. It's his last The Craft of Cooking Workshop for the season. Summer break and besides he and his beautiful wife Sarah are welcoming a new little girl into their family soon.

Chef Eric is making Provence style tomato sauce and last week I was fortunate to sample this incredible memory food creation.  Each class attendant will take home their own jar of Provence style sauce - perfect for the evening meal of pizza with Grano de Vida garlic crust or pasta with steak strips from J Holbrook Grass fed Beef.

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On another note - Keep in mind that this Thursday and the next Thursday - July 3rd are our last markets for the season until some time late October.  Neither the farm or the market will be open to the general public.  When we "close the farm down" it's our time to reflect, evaluate, ponder, rest (sorta) and plan for the next season. 

Volunteers will still be coming. Want to volunteer? Sign up here.

CSA Share Members will still be picking up their baskets. More CSA Share baskets will be opening up for a 5 week Summer Sizzler.

Orders for caramels will still be picking up their caramels. Need caramels? Order via contact form and pick up at our home in the courtyard.