The Farm and Market is Closing . . .

. . . for the summer. The last day we will be open to the public is Thursday morning July 3rd from 8 until noon. Please help us pass the word.  We get to go back to a bit of a normal (whatever 'normal' is) home life till some time late October. 

The current CSA will continue until July 23. There will be a week break or two then a Summer Sizzler CSA will be offered.

Our sea salt caramels sales will continue.  Orders are taken through our contact form and will be picked up at our home.

There will be scheduled and announced times for our amazing farm members (who volunteer 2 hours a month) to stop by and purchase their vegetables, goat cheese, grass fed beef and other items.

We are also in the process of calendaring Kari and Jill's gardening workshops to begin sometime late August.

On another note - the community of support to our Scottsdale Suburban farm/goat dairy has been amazing. We appreciate everyone of you has walked around our home gardens and shopped our farmer's market. We've enjoyed seeing the children fall in love with our goats and our chickens and taste/see a bit of what farm life is like. We are hoping from their little experience that the world - and their view of it will be different.  Two little boys I've already dubbed as future goat herders.

One more note - we've had to add a front gate - unfortunately - people read/ignore signs that we are ONLY open to the public on Thursday mornings (last day July 3rd). Daily we have people driving through - often up to our home - getting out and walking around through our gardens. I understand that such beauty is a curious thing in the desert - but . . .