Hey Did You See What's Happening Now?

Couldn't be more thrilled with what else is happening at our farm.  Classes revolving around food and cooking it.  Two are next Thursday - here's the 9 am one (pancakes) and here's the 10:30 am one (the truth about wheat/grain).

Then for another two Thursdays Shelly of Nourished Foods will be hosting an adorable kids craft for Dad's for Father's Day. It's a sweet coffee mug they can paint and a few other things added. Meet at the Workshop Patio.

My wonderful husband put up misters today in as many gathering spots as possible. This should help make things a bit more comfortable.

This amazing, super cool local magazine called bite (see here) came out last week and did a photo shoot of us (Michael and me) and our farm. Nice. Fun. Can't wait to see what these amazing people put together. Love their team.

A writer with New York Magazine contacted us back in March to ask a million wonderful questions about us - because they decided our farm was worthy to talk about on their travel section - this should be out soon. Nice. Fun. Real nice.

It looks like YELP touted us a few weeks ago as a nice place to check out. Thanks Yelp!

We started our farm's first CSA's and filled all our spots in less than 24 hours. The first baskets will be filled this next Wednesday!

The possibility of a Nourished Kids cooking camp this summer is being tossed around. IF it forms (probably will) it will be in August before kids (ages 8-11) go back to school and I can tell you it will be incredible!