Why You Want To Be a Farm Member of TSF

This next season of our market produce and deliciousness to cook with is going to be incredible - and we don't want you to miss out on the "other market days for members only."  For example, let's say it's Friday mid morning and you have this desire to bbq kabobs on the grill, add summer squash and little cherry tomatoes and perhaps make a potato salad - all with LOCAL and FRESH and pretty much in your own backyard.

And, then because you know you're a Farm Member (in good standing=on a farm team - assigned to a day/hour to do farm chores, and faithful to commit) you remember that you can just make a quick drive - avoid traffic - avoid lines of people - and just go on in the market at The Simple Farm - use the HSM (Honor System Market for Farm Members) and purchase those FRESH items you want for your evening or weekend meal - so you can gather around the table with your family, friends and perhaps a stranger.

If you're NOT a Farm Member - the only day you can enjoy our French inspired market is on Thursdays.

If you WANT to be a Farm Member - the lovely woman in the picture above is Joy and she will guide your through HOW to be a Farm Member and she will connect you to a team where together you and the other team members will experience something more of life together and THEN you'll get to buy those 100% Grass Fed Kabobs for the evening bbq on a Friday mid-morning.

 PC: Allrecipes

PC: Allrecipes

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