Garden Workshops and Introducing Cooking With Eric

This Thursday is going to be fabulous with an offering of 3 workshops here at the farm.  Many of you have been privileged to sit with Kari and Jill and learn all about composting, raising chickens, herbs, and more.

This Thursday, Kari will be teaching a Watering and Irrigation Workshop and another Beginning Gardening Workshop. My mantra is to "grow your own food" or at least start or at least partner with a few friends and grow some things together. I know it can seem daunting, but it's not really. You just have to say, "I'm going to do what it takes - to start - to grow food." Start with herbs and flowers and then we'll teach you how to fill in those spaces with more.

We're adding a new element to our Thursday morning slate of workshops . . .cooking your own food. The other day, I was listening to Michael Pollan and what caught my attention was this statement, "Eat all you want - just cook it yourself." It's this you tube click entitled, "How Cooking Can Change Your Life." Go here.

I know cooking a meal can be a bit intimidating and we just want to help you keep it simple and keep it healthy, so we've invited Eric Encinas to begin a series of Farm To Table workshops on Thursday mornings at 9 am at our farm. These workshop are $20, 1 hour and you'll come away with some simple cooking skills, how to have fun using herbs, and how to keep your meals simple using the best and freshest ingredients. You'll want to bring a notebook for notes.

Here is our workshop link page.

 PC: Rachel from West Elm in Scottsdale.

PC: Rachel from West Elm in Scottsdale.

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