Simply Nourishing Meals

I have a confession. I'm on a mission to see that the dignity of the family meal table be restored. I'm on a mission to see young wife's/moms/homemakers understand the value in gathering their family around the meal table - with what is good, natural, simple and easy.

Just about every Thursday morning I stand in my market and engage anyone in conversation about what they plan to prepare for the evening meal. If that person walks in the market and just isn't sure what to prepare - I'll offer some suggestions with what is there - in our baskets. 9 out of 10 people take me up on what I'm suggesting - purchase the few items of produce that are needed for that meal - walk out - go home - prepare what I've suggested and then come back the next week only to tell me that what I'd suggested was fantastic! {Big Smile}

Now, I understand some do not know how to prepare a meal, others don't have confidence, others don't have/take time, others don't see how valuable the meal table is and still others are just "stuck" in not knowing what to prepare - SO - THEREFORE - I want to help.

I asked Shelly of Nourished Foods to join me - by putting together SIMPLE meals with recipes using what we've got in our Thursday morning market baskets.  So, every Thursday we'll have it all together for you - just grab a Simply Nourishing Meals box/linen full of all you need for the main dish for your evening meal! 

   Truffled-Beet, Carrot, Chevre Stacks

Truffled-Beet, Carrot, Chevre Stacks