All Those Radishes in Your CSA Basket

I admit it. I am a French Breakfast Radish fanatic. Sorry. I like them. So I grow them.

French Breakfast radishes are the most mild of radishes. Great to eat raw, wonderful to add slices to a fresh picked garden salad. They are delightful to slice and add to chicken soup or lentil stew. They're amazing when julienne them and add to butter bread for a morning breakfast. Oh, don't forget a dash of salt/pepper.

Did you know you can ferment your radishes as well? Here's a good 'how to' link.

Another way to eat all those FB radishes is to roast them. Roasted radishes - with any other root vegetable become sweeter. Simply cut a bunch of the radishes - with potatoes, carrots, turnips, onion and garlic - spritz with your favorite olive oil - add some fresh snipped rosemary and I will sometimes add a nice spritz of balsamic vinegar.

Mix this all together - then put in a big baking dish - roast at 375 until all the vegetables are tender. Your home will smell amazing and this dish will be amazing.