CSA - Getting Ready

We will be releasing the CSA subscription links this week. 

We might open all 25 subscriptions or we might stagger them---during our introduction week.

Most likely the first CSA share--market style will start the last week of October---maybe sooner.

Money for your 8 week subscription is paid in full...READ the FAQ and READ the application to understand how this works and how we run our CSA. There are no exceptions. Remember your $$ MUST include your FILLED out application.

If you choose to hand deliver your application and subscription payment - the only day to hand deliver your envelop will be on a Tuesday. 

We will have our ledger ready adding names and when we reach number 25 (staggering start dates) we will pull the link and let everyone know.  All checks/applications over the 25 will be held on to for 1 week. . . hoping you will be on the second run for our CSA. After the 1 week - we will notify you via EMAIL.