How To Become A Member of The Simple Farm and The Benefits

A year ago, we began what got dubbed as HSM (honor system market) for those who became members of our farm. The idea was to provide our market shoppers with a few other buying options - especially beneficial for those who worked during our regular Thursday morning market hours.

So, what is a Farm Member and how does one become a Farm Member and what are the benefits of Farm Membership? Great question!


First of all - we are NOT a CSA. Second, we do not have a membership fee.

Why would you want to become a member of The Simple Farm? 

Members of our farm have the benefit of shopping our market on extra days - other than just Thursday mornings.  This works especially well for those who understand the value of organic, local, fresh produce and other foods like local honey, raw goats milk and cheese, specialty breads and butters, goat milk soaps, apples, etc.

Around September or so, we stopped taking new farm members and announced that sometime in January, we'd re-open the membership. Well, it's January.

How do you become a member of The Simple Farm?

Contact us - via our farm contact form to let us know of your interest. If you're not able to meet us on a Thursday morning - we'll be happy to set up another time to go over the membership talk.  Every farm member does a 30 minute farm chore. We don't make it hard for those with physical limitations. We don't make it hard for those with kiddos either. We try to work with everyone. 

What are farm membership benefits?

Our market will be open to you on Tuesdays through Thursdays from 3 - 6 pm and Fridays from 8:30 until 6 pm.

Have more questions? Contact us here.

Winnie - our farm dog - growing up to guard the goats.

Winnie - our farm dog - growing up to guard the goats.