Farm, Garden and Home Workshops and more

Have you checked out our new Simple Sustainability workshop schedule yet? We're simply over joyed with our farm offerings.

We hope to inspire and encourage you to Grow Your Own Food, Raise Your Own Food and Prepare Your Own Food.  Go HERE to see what's on the calendar for January and February. Check it often as we keep filling in the calendar.

   Have you picked up your own copy yet? Costco and Barnes and Noble have them.

Have you picked up your own copy yet? Costco and Barnes and Noble have them.

The caramel production room is opened. Order your caramels here.  We've just added a 3 oz size bag for $10.


January will be busy around here - babies are on the way. In just a few weeks, Storm and Karrie will be delivering their bundles. I originally thought it'd be fun to have some sort of "guess how many kids" they are having sorta contest. That brilliant idea has been shelved. Storm is due with twins, Karrie is due with quads (4), Nancy has twins (we think) and Lavender has a singleton. Plum - we don't know yet.  Thanks in advance to Michelle M. for gathering the gazillion water bottles we will use to hand feed these babies on a crazy every 3-4 hour schedule the first few days. 

Not only are the babies coming, but we're adding another baby of sort to the farm. You'll get to me Winnie this next week. She's our new - little - Lifestock Guardian Dog - an Antalolian Shepherd. Her assignment will be to protect the herd from coyote, bob cats and the mountain lion that's been spotted in the neighborhood. Of course, we'll be protecting her for the next few months.