Exciting News

Did you see  page 184 of November 2013 issue of Phoenix Magazine? 


Our caramel sauce is available at our farm and The Herb Box at DC Ranch. This caramel sauce is a limited seasonal item....stop by and pick it up while supplies last. Our market is open Thursday mornings from 8:30 until noon!


Love caramel? Have you tried our salted goat milk caramels? We have more exciting news on this farmstead product too.....we submitted our caramels to the Good Food Award (see here) and got a phone call this past week to tell us our caramels are so delicious and loved by the judges (blind tasting) that they've gone up to the next level. Out of 1400 specialty food items submitted ours made it in the top 5%. We are soooooooo sooooooo excited. We''ll know in November what happens. 


Little baskets of our salted goat milk caramels are showing up in select markets around the Phoenix valley. Camelback Flowershop, The Herb Box, Sweet Salvage and our Thursday Market at the farm.  If you're interested in having one of these little baskets in your coffee shop, spa, cafe or ??? please send us a note so we can talk.